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VidioTube.Net Terms & Conditions :

These Terms & Conditions govern the usage of vidiotube.net,By using vidiotube.net you agree to the below conditions and use of vidiotube.

If you do not Agree please delete your account or request deleting by contacting us in contact page on the footer of our website.



1- Create an account on vidiotube.net:

you can create an account if you have 13+ years old.

creating your account mean that you accept these terms and conditions below:

2- You are only responsable for all the videos that you upload on our website.

3- You can not upload videos about illegal illustrations or products,porn or adult videos,videos that call for hate or racism,videos that offense other peoples,religions or ethnicity.

4- we have the right to delete any videos that we find it inapropriate or illegal.

5- VideoTube.net is not responsible of the videos ulpoaded on its website,the users are only responsable about their videos contents listed on their account or channel on vidiotube.net.

6-VidioTube assumes no responsability of illegal or any videos listed on his sever.

7-We will delete any account that do not follow our terms of use of vidiotube.net listed above.

8- Please do not register on our website if dont agree with these terms of use above.


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